Leather Care

Leather Care
01 Clean
• Use a soft brush to remove dust particles from the crevices of the leather.

• Use a mild cleaning solution such as Dettol or even a mild face wash. In a ratio of 1:10 of cleaning solution to water.

• Always do a patch test in a discreet area such as the inside or the bottom of your bag. Check how the cleaning solution reacts to your leather.

• Dip a clean cloth into the cleaning solution and gently wipe your bag. Avoid rubbing too hard.

• Allow the bag to dry naturally once you’ve cleaned all the surfaces.

02 Moisturize

• Next to this is the product listing of the Leather Cream Bottle and the leather care kit (with brush, cream & cloth)

• Dab a little bit of the leather cream on a clean cloth

• Apply the cream on the base or insides of the bag as a patch test

• Using gentle circular strokes, rub your entire bag.

• If you don’t have the leather cream, use a mild body lotion or a natural oil such as coconut oil. Always do a patch test.

03 Store
• To store your Cabretta leather bag, stuff it with neatly rolled newspapers to retain it’s shape

• Ensure you stuff the corners to avoid wrinkles. Avoid over stuffing the bag.

• Place your leather bag in a cotton cloth bag. This allows the leather to breathe. (avoid plastic)

• Place it neatly for storage in an airy shelf. Avoid closed, humid corners.

Not all leathers can be cleaned with liquid solutions or moisturizing creams. Always patch test. Grease, oils and ink stains can never be removed from leather.